Retirees on the move

Retirees at General Council

Some but not all of the retirees attending General Council

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Greg Ledbetter. I am the 4th face in from the left in the picture above. I was elected President of the local last spring. Since then I have attended the General Council, chaired a couple of our regular Statewide meetings, attended a meeting of the SEIU 503 Board of Directors as a Director (a position which goes along with the Presidency) and generally gotten more acquainted with the functioning of our local. I have come away from this time with one overwhelming impression, there is an incredible amount of energy out there. This is not a group who seems to be looking for discounts on travel and activities to fill their empty retirement years. This is a local with energy and some time to address issues important to us politically and directly such as PERS theft. But we also recognize our responsibility to pay it forward to the people who have followed us in our old jobs and worksites by helping them to become stronger in their fights for fair pay and benefits and all the other Union benefits we enjoyed.

Our challenge then is how to channel all this energy and experience.  The consensus seems to be to do more outreach at the local community level.  We already have two groups who meet regularly, one in Eugene and one in Portland. We would like to see those groups grow. We would like to see an expansion of these groups into other areas such as the Coast, Central Oregon, Medford, and etc, etc. If you have ideas on ways to do these things let us know, come to a meeting. The calendar is next to my post. The Portland group meets for breakfast at The Village Inn Pancake House, 1621 NE 10th, Portland. Eugene folks meet at Ye Olde Pancake House (I sense a theme),2421 W. 11th, Eugene.


Many of our members are making phone calls and knocking on doors. If you can help let us know. The election is coming. I will leave you with this then. VOTE!


gr3gl at  iCloud dot com

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