Our upcoming statewide meeting

November 12, 20014 at the Salem SEIU office we will be discussing some changes in our Constitution and By Laws. You can review these changes here  https://copy.com/GhywM8fvCCSuh1UH

The meeting begins at 10:00 am ending at noon. We will serve sandwiches after the meeting but we will need you to RSVP by emailing me at gr3gl at iCloud dot com.

We have a lot of business to cover in a two hour meeting so if you are interested in this matter please review the documents. I want to recognize the hard work done by the committee going back several years. Especial thanks to Barney Gorter and Bart Lewis who have been shepherding this for quite some time.

The committee consists of Donna Glathar, chair: Bart Lewis, Cheryl Bergman, Deb Bolton, Melody Williamson, and John Leppink. Thank you for what I know can be a difficult job and doing it well.

As usual you can attend a video of the conference in Portland, Eugene, Pendleton and Medford.

Greg Ledbetter, Pres.

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