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Improved Medicare for All – the real solution to the Health Care Crisis

Adoption of Single-Payer by Oregon voters is a goal we share with many other progressive organizations. Individuals and business would pay into a single fund, which pays for everything health related: hospitals, supplies, doctors, nurses, etc. The Plan is administered by a Single Government Health Agency, like Medicare. Everything remains privately run. Everyone receives the same coverage accepted by all providers, who are paid fairly according to negotiated rates.

SEIU 503’s Board of Directors has endorsed what is referred to as a “Medicare for All / Single Payer” health coverage system.

While the new federal law under the 2014 Affordable Care Act prohibits denial of coverage, profit driven health care remains. With no price caps and insurance mandated, premiums will rise. Those with pre-existing conditions will pay more. People who cannot afford higher premiums will either be under-insured or stuck with higher co-pays. And 23 million will be uninsured.

A single-payer system would bring real reform.

Can we afford to have Medicare for All?

Yes! In fact, we can’t afford not to. Our current system is bankrupting us. Health insurance premiums annually grow 4 times faster than wages. Roughly half of our health care money now goes to: 1) insurer profits, lobbying, executive compensation, marketing, eligibility screening, and bill collection; and 2) hospital and doctor overhead related to private insurance. This hurts competitiveness, forces job cuts, and lowers wages.

SEIU retirees have also endorsed Single-Payer in our efforts to support a more affordable and inclusive way to meet our current and future health care needs.

The Governor’s Commission on Senior Services is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the quality of life for all older Oregonians. Through cooperation with other organizations, they work to ensure that seniors have access to services that provide choice, independence and dignity.

Department of Human Services, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Seniors and People with Disabilities
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Phone: 503-945-5811 or 800-282-8096
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