Political Action

Meeting of retirees at  Salem SEIU headquartersSome of our political priorities are

  • Adequate staffing and oversight for nursing homes, home care and adult foster homes
  • Winning affordable health care coverage for everyone
  • Protecting Social Security
  • Capping interest rates on predatory lending and protecting homeowners from insurance company rip-offs
  • Stopping the privatization of public services
  • Retirement Security for All
  • Foreclosure Crisis in Oregon
  • Medicare for All – Single Payer Health Care System

In order to win on these issues, we have had to take on the most powerful interests nationally and in Oregon. Union retirees bring to the political arena our compassion, our years of experience, and a special energy that comes from having participated in our union over time.

When we speak, we are heard.

At the heart of these activities is a shared desire to remain connected with our friends and co-workers, to enjoy our well-earned retirement and continued service to our communities.

Let’s say it again – it’s fun to be a union retiree!

Retiree members testify at a State legislative hearing


Our Citizens Action for Political Education (CAPE) Committee has been one of our strongest means of building and using our political power.

Pay $50/year CAPE dues, and Oregon pays you back when you file your taxes – pay $100, get $100 back if filing jointly.

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